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The place of digital marketing in your Business


As a business person a friend or a close business associate might have mentioned digital marketing to you or you might have read it in an article or newsletter but the concept is still quite misty. Well in this article we will explain what digital marketing is, its place in your business and how you can leverage on its power in expanding your business.

What is Social media marketing

It’s a clique that prior to these time businesses have swelled through the means of traditional advertising which have mainly been through ads on newspapers, printed flyers, posters, leaflets, by the words of mouth, usage of sign posts and announcements at special occasion with a multitude of persons which was pretty ok to move in the in the pace of time. Fast tracked by Innovation and technology thus a paradigm shift from the traditional means of advertising to Digital marketing. Digital marketing is simply connecting to potential customers using channels, models and strategies in the connection process.

For an effective digital marketing the goal of the business must correlate with the digital marketing objective as this is key in determining the strategies to be employed for the advertisement.

Some of these strategies range from social media Marketing which entails promoting your brand on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO): This involves all the techniques deployed on a website in order for it to rank higher SERP (Search Engine Result pages) the reason why this is done is because the higher you are on search engine result pages the more likely the gets clicks and leading to convergence and thus more sales.

Pay Per Click(PPC): Traffic are generated to a website either originally which most times takes a lot of time to rank higher on search engine result pages but there are ways to archive this in a shortest period of time other than the organic but with a price. Publishers are charged each time their content is been clicked. The commonest types of PPC are Google AdWords, Promoted Tweets on Twitter and Paid ads on Fb and Instagram amongst others.


Affiliate marketing: This is type of marketing strategy is based on work-rate where individuals are given commission for promotion a product or services.

Email marketing: This is one of the ways to effectively reach your audience with useful contents, promotions, offers, request for business, etc. through emails.

 Benefits of digital marketing

The benefits of digital marketing are enormous let us take a quick look at some of them.

Unlike the traditional advertising is that limited by space or location this isn’t a barrier for digital marketing instead it soars with it. Information can be propagated to the entire world in slit of seconds if the right strategy is being implemented.

Ease to track result: You can easily assert how well your campaign is running through digital marketing unlike advertisements on the local newspaper which is practically impossible to measure engagements and the number of people reading the advert.

Targeted advertising: In digital advertising you can leverage on specific demographics like age, gender, interest to advertise your ads that means there won’t be need to advertise to people who may not be interested in your ads. You can simply put digital marketing is advertisement by an individual/organization for ‘the people’ this specificity is one the greatest advantage that digital marketing has over other forms of advertisements.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Digital marketing tool enable the publishers to measure success rate of a running campaign with set parameters. In case of deviance these parameters can be tweaked to suit the overall objectives of the Champaign an asset which is not obtainable in conventional advertising.


It’s totally impossible to outline the importance of digital marketing to your business because of its vastness.  Digital marketing has changed the narratives of how products and services are being served to potential customers thus creating a new frontier for modern businesses. Get in touch with the leading Digital marketing Agency in Abuja with services  specifically tailored for your business.


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