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Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social media has exploded in recent years. With popular networks such as Facebook now having in excess of 2.23 billion users (as of q2 2018), there has rarely been a better time for businesses to harness the advertising power that is offered by such a closed and engaged ecosystem. Indeed companies such as Facebook make a large proportion of their money from advertising and thus put a lot of effort into helping advertisers maximise their opportunity on the platform. This has been of great assistance to many companies and helps businesses like ours to help businesses like yours.

A Growth Channel

Many businesses simply do not make the most of the opportunity that social media brings. With each of the major social networks exceeding half a billion users, there really is no excuse to not use the networks to grow. In most business niches, social media is by far the biggest growth area as companies utilise their skills (or often outsource the process) to have a social media presence that can assist with customer service and marketing. Most major businesses now have a dedicated team for social media such is the opportunity.


So as you can see, social media offers a huge opportunity to businesses just like yours. If you want help to make the most of this opportunity then you are going to need expertise in your corner and that is where we come in. Offering everything from basic setup to a fully managed solution, we can help you to enhance your reputation and marketing efforts on the social networks. We can make the process simple and quick and can take care of the hard work. Let us help you to make the most of social media for your business.

Getting Started

If you would like to get started with social media marketing or would like to know a little more about the services that we offer, please get in touch and our experienced team can talk you through the range of options that we offer and can offer insights into helping you and your business. Social media marketing could completely change the way you do business, why not see how?

Clearly with each social network having in excess of 500 million users, it is now impossible for businesses to ignore the opportunity that social media brings.

The biggest stress point for many marketing efforts is getting advertising in front of the right potential customers, our experience in social media marketing means that is rarely a problem for us. We understand that every company has a limited marketing budget and that every penny needs to used efficiently. Our ability to harness the data that is available on social networks such as Facebook means that we can ensure that your advertising goes in front of those who are most likely to be looking for the products or services that your company sells. This allows us to send only highly targeted traffic to your business and means your advertising spend is used very efficiently.

Experienced Strategists

Many businesses inherently understand the value that social media may offer, but often, limited budgets and time constraints mean that taking the time to research, design and implement a social media strategy is simply a long way down the to-do list. This is where companies such as ours come into play. With social media management, you can outsource the time consuming work that goes into an effective social media strategy but still benefit from the upsides.

Our team have a wealth of experience in knowing what does and what does not work for social media. Their experience has helped us to offer market leading social media management options that can scale. Perhaps you want to run some of your social media but not all, or perhaps you want to outsource the whole operation, we can adapt our services to suit your requirements. Why don’t you let our strategists take a look at your business and offer their thoughts? Our team can help businesses of all sizes to grow their social media presence, with so much potential growth available, can you really afford to neglect social media?

Facebook Ads

As of quarter 2 2018, the social network Facebook had in excess of 2 billion users. This dramatic figure shows just how powerful and all-encompassing the world’s largest social network really is. With this in mind, can you really afford to ignore the advertising opportunities that come with such a huge pool of potential customers? Facebook’s advertising platform is one of the best known and is also one of the most effective. With the huge amounts of data that Facebook has on its users, they can offer a huge number of filters that allows you to accurately target people who may be interested in your business and fit the demographic that is most suited to it. It is this huge data set, coupled with Facebook’s excellent advertising platform, that allows advertisers to be extremely judicious with their advertising campaigns.

Split Testing For Success

Facebook offers significant feedback on your advertising campaigns to help ensure that your advertising is working as well as it could. We have been using the platform for years and have managed to refine our techniques to ensure that our advertising always meets Facebook strict criteria. We also create numerous adverts for every campaign and split test them to ensure that the most effective adverts are the ones that are shown most often. By split testing our adverts, we can ensure that your marketing effort is given it’s best chance to succeed.

facebook ad objective

Demographic Targeting

We understand that for most businesses there is a very specific demographic that is likely to use its product or service, with this in mind, Facebook’s large dataset allows us to really drill down and filter out people who are very unlikely to use your products. This ability to filter people who are not likely to use your product or service means we can reduce your overall advertising spend and ensure a high level of conversion. We understand that all businesses have a budgetary limit on their advertising and that their advertising campaigns need to be as efficient as possible. It’s with efficiency in mind that our highly refined system allows us to create advertising with maximum efficiency.

Engaged Community

As well as advertising, Facebook also offers the opportunity to build a community behind your brand. Many businesses have gained significant amounts of custom by harnessing the opportunity that Facebook brings. Engaged communities deliver multiple benefits and the network effect can be dramatic in bringing new customers to your brand. Often, highly engaged customers are happy to spread the word about your company and in the case of a huge network like Facebook, this effect can be dramatic.

Getting Started

If you would like to get started with Facebook advertising or have more questions about the services that we offer then please get in touch. Our team of experts will be happy to talk you through our options, and will be able to help come up with a custom roadmap for your marketing strategy that delivers for your business. Many clients have trusted us to deliver exceptional results for them using social media and we would love to help you too.

Twitter Advertising

According to a recent study, there are currently in excess of 328 million users on the social media network Twitter. This potential audience of engaged and informed users offers some unique advertising opportunities. While not necessarily the first network that you may think of when it comes to advertising, Twitter offers a unique advertising platform and different options to many other social network advertising platforms. Twitter’s growth has been more conservative than many other networks but that hasn’t prevented a thriving network growing of informed users. Twitter’s unique 280 character limit means that the network is very different to the others and has a unique community that is highly engaged and receptive.

Promoted Tweets

The ability to promote tweets is an excellent option, it places a targeted tweet in the timeline feed of users who are likely to be interested in your product or service. Like many other social networks, Twitter has a huge data set that helps it to filter its users and can assist advertisers in targeting the best demographics for their business. It is this ability to filter out prospects which means that you can concentrate your advertising spend on those users who are more likely to spend with your business.

Guide your advertising by goals

Every marketing campaign will have a guiding principle. This principle is going to be the key to success and Twitter can help to use this guiding principle by tailoring campaigns to suit the goal. We have found these options very useful in setting up advertising campaigns for our clients and feel it is one of the options that sets Twitter apart. With a guided campaign, you can ultimately plot a course to marketing success on a platform with highly engaged users, many who will be interested in your products and services.

integrated marketing communications

Twitter As Part Of An Overall Marketing Strategy

When setting up client campaigns, we often advise on a strategy that encompasses more than one delivery platform. Twitter is usually a part of this strategy due to its targeting options and ability to filter out redundant targets. If you choose to take on a marketing strategy with us, we can help to use Twitter as part of your overall strategy for social media marketing success. The effect of using several platforms ensures a wide spread of leads coming in from often unique sources. Our team have years of experience creating advertising campaigns on the platform and can help you to succeed.


Twitter allows budgets of all sizes and there is no minimum. Twitter also allows significant budgetary control on a day by day basis allowing you significant control of budgets. This can be important, especially if you have a restricted budget and are spreading it across several networks. We can help to improve your return on investment with Twitter marketing as part of an overall marketing strategy.

Getting started

If you would like to get started with advertising on Twitter then please get in touch. Our years of experience in harnessing the platform for our clients means that we can help businesses of all sizes to extend their reach. Let us help with your marketing efforts by calling us today.

LinkedIn Advertising

When it comes to social media advertising many people automatically think of Facebook, but if your company is mostly concerned with b2b sales, you may want to consider advertising using LinkedIn PPC. The social network designed for business people has recently tipped 500 million users. This now represents a huge advertising opportunity for businesses, so much so that Microsoft recently acquired the platform to extend its own reach. We strongly believe that many businesses would benefit from having LinkedIn PPC as part of their overall marketing strategy and that it makes a great alternative to traditional social media marketing efforts that are usually concentrated more on Facebook and Instagram.

A Facebook Alternative

While it’s clear that many people use Facebook, the approach with LinkedIn is very different. The platform is geared completely differently to other social networks and that’s why we believe that it makes sense for businesses, especially b2b businesses, to harness it. We can help create stunning advertising for LinkedIn that is well researched, beautifully designed and split tested to ensure that the advertising draws the most relevant leads to your business. Let us help to display your business beautifully to a huge potential customer base and help you to harness the opportunity that it represents.

Highly Targeted Advertising For ROI

We understand that businesses have a limited marketing budget and that when it’s done well, LinkedIn PPC advertising represents a cost and effective means of marketing directly to those who purchase products and services from your business niche. Our high quality research, design and delivery services mean that we can drive down costs and offer your business an excellent return on investment. LinkedIn PPC should be part of your overall strategy, let us help you to make the most of it.

linkedin ads

Social media FAQs

How to maximise as a startup

When you are first getting started as a startup it is vital that you get the first few customers through the door. Obviously as cost is going to be a factor, you will need to ensure that you not only get these prospects through the door quickly, you also get them in for the right price. With social media, you can harness a potential client base of over 500 million customers (depending on the network) and deliver them directly to your website or social media account. It is this potential and the low buy in cost that means startups  simply cannot afford to ignore the potential business opportunities that exist in the world of social media.

Highly Targeted Traffic

One of the best things about advertising on social media is the sheer precision of targeting that’s available to you. You can select leads based on an unbelievable amount of different factors and this allows you to get your product or service in front of only the most appropriate leads for your business. This ability to drill down on your targets means that you will have few wasted adverts and a high level of conversions. This high level of conversion ensures a generous return on investment and the ability to run efficient campaigns. We can help to shape your targeting and ensure that you are on the right track.

Here To Help You Maximise Your Opportunity

If you are looking to take your first tentative steps into the world of social media, you are better having a team in your corner that can help you make the most of it. Our team can help you to maximise your opportunity by researching, designing and implementing a social media strategy that can help to get the first customers through your door. We can manage as much or as little of your social media as you need. From getting you off the ground to a fully managed solution, we have a social media option for you.

Efficient Advertising Opportunities For Startups

Social media advertising is ideal for startups due to the low initial costs and the ability to target leads with precision. This allows for companies to control their spend and concentrate on highly targeted campaigns for an excellent return on investment. There is also a significant amount of data that can be accessed and allows for the refinement of campaigns to improve their efficiency. Our a/b testing also ensures that you have the best adverts showing to ensure success with your advertising efforts.

Getting Started

If you would like to get started with social media for your business then please get in touch. Our experienced team will be happy to talk you through our options and give you an idea of the benefits that you will gain working alongside us to promote your business efficiently and effectively on social media. Let us give your business the experience and know-how that it needs to succeed with social media.

We are a non-profit organisation, how can we leverage social media?

It’s not only businesses that can harness the opportunity that comes with social media, the charitable sector can also harness significant benefits from the use of social media in spreading their charity message beyond their normal limits. The sheer scale of social media use (all the major networks have at least 500 million users) means that there is a huge potential audience there for anyone who needs one. For charities, this effect can be dramatic as influencers can help to spread your message far and wide and bring in support from all four corners of the globe.

Low Cost Solutions For Charities

For charities, cost is obviously important, the more you spend on advertising the less you have to spend on your vital work in your field. With social media advertising, you have a potentially highly efficient option for advertising that is far cheaper than more traditional outreach options. With some of the targeting options and data available to us, we can help you to get your adverts in front of those who are most likely to be sympathetic to your cause and help you to deliver on your expectations from social media. This ability to target also significantly reduces cost and this can only be a good thing in the charity sector.

Fully Outsourced Solution

Our service is totally bespoke for each and every client and that means that we can take on any level of commitment as required by our clients. Many clients are after a simple setup while others are after a fully managed solution. Our flexible service means that we can offer you the support that you need for less than you may think. For many charities, the lack of available personnel means that outsourcing is the best option for them to gain the benefits of a strong social media presence without dedicating one of their vital staff to the operation.

Research Design And Implementation

Our campaigns are well researched, designed and implemented. We have a wealth of experience in launching and managing social media campaigns for our clients and can use this to your advantage to produce beautiful and impactful advertising that delivers. Already have your own advertising? We can also use that to keep your branding consistent across media channels and ensure that you have a coordinated and easy to recognise brand. For many charities, it’s vital that they are recognisable in their niche and by using your existing branding we can ensure this continuity.

Getting Started With Social Media

If you would like to get started with our services or would like to know more about how we can help your charity, get in touch today and speak to a member of our team who will be able to help navigate you through our range of services and help you come to a decision on how we can best help your social media efforts. We can make a world of difference to your charity on social media and we’d love to show you how.

Is social media relevant for my business?

Why Social Media Advertising Is Relevant

One of the main worries for businesses looking at social media advertising is whether it is relevant to their business. We understand that sometimes businesses struggle to see why social media advertising would work for them and are reticent to try it out. This is understandable, every company has a limited advertising budget and often this doesn’t extend far enough for what a business may see as experimental advertising options. We understand the reservations, but after years of helping all manner of clients to advertise their businesses online, we believe that social media advertising offers the best return on investment potential of any marketing option available. In the sections below we will look at some of the benefits of social media advertising in a little more detail.

  • Huge Growth Potential – All of the major social networks have more than 300 million users, this potential audience is far bigger than any other option and it means that there will be potential clients for your business on all of the social networks. It is this huge potential that means it is pretty hard to ignore social media advertising and most businesses have the potential to experience huge growth from having a social media advertising strategy.
  • User Targeting – Another benefit of social media advertising is the ability to accurately target potential customers. Each of the social networks has a huge data set on its users and can leverage this for advertisers. The ability to filter out leads means that you can concentrate your limited advertising spend on the people who are most likely to buy your product or service.
  • Controlled Budgeting – All of the social networks offer high levels of budgetary control. This control allows us to control spend for you and keep you within your limits. For many clients, they simply want to dip their toe into social media advertising and the low buy in cost and ability to control their budget means that they have the ability to try it out relatively risk free.
  • Custom Reporting – Of course you want to know if your campaigns are having the desired effect. With custom reporting options, we can ensure that you receive the reports that you need to show the effectiveness of the campaign. We can provide high levels of detail to ensure that you always know how much you are spending and what that spend is providing to your business.

As you can see, social media advertising offers multiple benefits to companies that are looking to extend their reach. Our years of experience helping customer to succeed using social media advertising mean that we can help businesses of all shapes and sizes to extend their reach in a targeted and controlled fashion to an almost limitless potential pool of clients. So for more information on our services, or to get started using them, please get in touch today and our team will be happy to help you with a strategy for success using social media advertising.

person holding phones showing social icons

Instagram advertising

The social network Instagram is a bit of a dark horse when it comes to marketing. For years it suffered poor engagement and slow growth. In 2012, Facebook stunned the markets by paying a billion dollars to buy the platform. Clearly Facebook saw the potential and their gamble has most definitely paid off. Instagram had fewer than 100 million users when Facebook bought it, as of today it has 800 million active monthly users. This growth has meant that the platform has turned into an advertisers dream and is now one of the best places for businesses to increase their reach.

Instagram mainly advertises using promoted images. Much the same way as the other networks, you post an advert to the platform and pay for it to be promoted to users who may be interested in the product or service being advertised. This allows advertisers to get their product in the timeline of users and ensures that your adverts will be seen. Of course they can still be ignored, but Instagram’s vibrant posts and imagery ensure that adverts will be seen and if well designed, will likely be interacted with. This option is an excellent one and our team can create vibrant and engaging adverts that potential leads will want to interact with.

instagram ads


Another well used option on Instagram is influencer marketing. Of course it’s great if your business has its own Instagram following, but by using influencers in a particular niche, you can open up your business to a whole new market of potential clients. Using influencers allows you to “borrow” a users following to advertise directly to. When done well, influencer marketing is a very strong option. We can help to make the connection to influencers who can help move your business forward. We strongly suggest that using influencers is a good strategy when done well and we can help to make that happen.

Image vs words

Powerful Imagery

Of course the most powerful thing about Instagram is that it’s an image sharing service. The platform is a visual marketers dream and well designed advertising can help to create a dramatic effect on the platform. The platform also has strong moderation and is very good at keeping inappropriate content away. This means that in general, Instagram is a very good environment in which to advertise and is generally free of issues. Instagram really should form part of most companies social media strategies and that is where we can help.Our team can curate an advertising campaign that helps to deliver for your business.