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Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

What is

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It refers to the use of techniques to leverage organic search engine rankings. The term organic denotes the fact that search results are not paid for.


f you are looking to optimise your website, then you will undoubtedly have heard of search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising web pages so that they are attractive to search engines such as Google. Our service ensures that your website is optimised so that your site ranks as highly as possible in the search engines in order to maximise visitor numbers and bring more potential customers to your door.

Getting you in front of your potential customers

Our search engine optimisation service ensures that your potential customers can find your web site and that you can maximise the amazing opportunity that having a website can bring to your business. If you put your search engine optimisation requirements in our hands, we will ensure that you have a comprehensive audit of your current site and an action plan to improve your results going forward. We can provide a complete service or just a modest improvement, we build our service around you.

SEO for Google

Google’s search business accounts for over 90% of search traffic in most developed countries around the world. It’s for this reason that tailoring your site to Google should be your number one priority when it comes to designing and building your website and it is our service that can help to make that happen. With an experienced team of SEO professionals, we can ensure that your site is ideally designed for high results for all of your keywords and ensure that you compete for the valuable business that the search engines can provide.

Our difference

Our comprehensive service ensures that no stone is left unturned in the relentless pursuit of improving your search results. Our service is tailored to you and we can provide any and all SEO related services that your business needs. From technical SEO to offpage SEO, we offer everything that your business needs to hit the heights on Google. We can even provide other wraparound services such as PPC advertising that can give your advertising campaign some real impact.

Organic SEO

As an independent agency, we can help you with all the technical expertise from technical on page SEO to award winning off-page link building ideas

Content is
still King

Content for us, is the foundation that fits everything together. We are able to advice on independent content pieces as well as content for SEO.

Complete website

Carrying out SEO activities on a website that is technical flawed for both user and search engines is almost a waste of time. Lets us do the heavy lifting for you.



SEO Keyword Research

A cornerstone of SEO is keyword research. The process involves determining what keywords are vital to your business and what your customers are looking for. We use a range of tools to determine the ideal keywords to use on your website and once completed, we will use this list to enhance your website and tell the search engines, and more importantly your customers, why your company is the one best suited to their search query.

Content Creation

Another signal for search engines that your site is of high quality is frequent updates. For many businesses, this process is normally done by the use of a blog. Our team can create new content for your site on a regular basis to ensure that your customers are kept informed of developments in your business and the search engines can see that the site is active and regularly updated. With all the benefits that a blog can bring, can you really afford not to have one? We use talented and experienced writers to provide high quality content that really impacts your site.

Blog Posts For SEO

One of the best ways of improving your website’s search ranking is to start, or improve a blog. A blog is a useful way for you to keep in contact with your customers (existing or potential) and is a good way to pass on news about your business. Often companies use blogs to discuss topics that are relevant to their business niche and these can also enhance your search engine rankings by showing that the site is kept up to date and is always adding new and informative content. Google places a high value on quality websites that continue to provide value to readers and this often results in an improved search ranking. If you don’t already have a blog, or you have a blog that is not quite doing what you need it to do, our team can come in and come up with an action plan for relevant content that will help with SEO.


Off Page

Another overlooked item for many site owners is off-page SEO. This consists of content carefully and thoughtfully distributed around the internet to help the ranking signal of your site. Our team have a range of off-page solutions to complement our on-page work and help to improve your site’s search rankings.

Whilst perhaps on-page SEO has become a little less important over the years, off-page SEO and link building have remained as extremely important signals that your website is highly relevant in your niche. Another part of Google’s ranking criteria is based on how other websites interact with yours. These days, link building is certainly a different practice to what it has been in the past and Google has become ever better at spotting poor quality links that websites had previously abused in order to upgrade their site rankings. When done poorly, link building can actually cause significant damage to your Google search ranking and it’s very important that for this reason, you entrust your link building efforts to a company that understands the quality and potential downsides of links. With our service, any links that are built will be of high quality and our off page SEO work will only ever complement your business and not harm it.



Is SEO expensive?
With major search traffic competition in most sectors, it’s arguably more expensive to not take your SEO requirements seriously. The majority of business for any keyword will go to those placed in the first or second spot in the Google search results page – that makes the targeting of these lucrative spots an ideal growth opportunity for most businesses and something that we specialise in.
Is it relevant

With Google and other search engines getting increasingly better at filtering through websites to ensure that customers are served the best site for the query, surely now the question has to be asked: Is SEO still relevant? Clearly as a company that provides SEO services we are bound to say yes, but in this article we’re going to look at SEO in a little more detail and help you to understand why SEO still matters as much as it ever has done, and why you should use an SEO service to improve the the search engine ranking of your business website.

Do you offerany other services to complement my business?
Yes we also offer assistance with PPC (pay per click) marketing using the likes of Google AdWords and Bing to offer a targeted advertising campaign that can really deliver huge results for your business when combined with an SEO approach.

Why you should consider SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the backbone of any website. It shows search engines what is important on your pages and helps to ensure that search engines understand the relevance of your site in your niche. Being in first place on Google for your niche is likely to draw an astonishing 33% of all traffic searching for your keywords. It is for this reason that companies focus heavily on the design and SEO aspects of their business website to ensure that they are as high up the search engine results page in their niche as possible. Hence, we put together a bespoke SEO service offering unique to your business to help drive your site up the search engine results and bring more customers to your door:

Clearly Google and others have been investing in machine learning and other technologies that can help them to better understand websites and search queries in order to serve the best results. But for now at least, machine learning only goes so far and the algorithms that search engines use are still built on reading a site that is built with specific signals that tell it what is important and what is less important. The site structure is only part of the equation, but it’s still a very important one and for that reason it is best to get an SEO company to ensure that your site is structured properly to assist the search engines in understanding your website correctly.

SEO for Marketing

The ability to dramatically affect your Google search ranking can make a huge impact on your company’s marketing efforts. In a study it was shown that 33% of search traffic goes to the business that is ranked at number one for its keyword, with this in mind, surely SEO is by far the most effective and efficient strategy for pushing your business forward. Not only is SEO a highly effective strategy, it’s also one of the more cost effective ways of bringing in new customers to your business. Often the process of SEO takes only a minimal amount of work to make the key changes that are necessary to your website to enhance its ability to be understood by search engines such as Google. These key changes will often result in an improved usability experience (UX) for your customers and also provide a helpful bump in your Google search ranking.