Desevens is all that you’d envision with our team of digital experts who are committed to ensuring that we are A-rated and ever-efficient in the digital marketing field. From small scale to large scale businesses, we ensure that we render bespoke services to our existing and new clients; bearing in mind accountability, independence, flexibility and suitability. We are concerned about how elated we leave our clients at the end of business and how well we stay at the top with the personalized services we offer; both locally and globally.


We have a character of upholding transparency between client and consultant as well as rendering high-geared digital campaigns. We are motivated by the business-shifting outcomes we present to our clients. We take our clients all through the know-how of our services to them and how beneficial the process we adopt can be for their business. Our clients can be rest assured that we’ve got them covered. Our mode of operation includes:

  • Digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all, so we are distinctive in delivery
  • We are intentional about our clients and ensure safety for the websites
  • Every brand is unique in its own way
  • Our team of experts is our treasure
  • We take pleasure in our devotion to our clients
  • We’re not just the city’s favourite but a global brand
  • We are passionate about transforming your SEO and your entire brand
  • We continue to evolve in our knowledge, efficiency, reliability and the will for results

My Business has taken a new turn since my encounter with Desevens. I can’t thank you guys enough.


I took a digital marketing course at Desevens and the knowledge acquired  has helped me in getting my contents across to my potential clients


Desevens  is quick to service delivery and their customer relations is just amazing!

Our Services

At Desevens, we employ a unique strategy to meeting clients’ needs with our services. We know that every business is distinctive in its own way, therefore; we do not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, we offer an extensive range of digital marketing services, that allows you a first-class choice to your specific needs. We are a result-driven agency with the aim to get the best possible outcome when suiting your SEO, web development, analytics, PPC and general business development needs.

If you want to think digital marketing, think Desevens. Even if your specific service is not listed here, we are able to do the work. Want to learn more about our services? Get in touch.

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Our core values

Ever-efficient – We are well-organized team and excellently intentional about the services we deliver to you. Value is our watchword to all our clients.
Accountability – We are answerable to our clients and as such, ensure quality is on repeat with the services we render.
Principled: We treat your business personally and are honourable to our words. We strive for excellence and ensure to communicate accordingly.
Fun – We are an excited team and the satisfaction we give to you, gives us great joy. As a result, we are passionate and won’t ‘chicken out’ when challenges show up.
Holistic perspective – We don’t just work for you, we work with and ensure we cover all core areas that matter to you. We are devoted that you are satisfied with our services and relationship.
Teamwork – Our communication is topnotch. We see to it that we are attentive to your desires and are believe that collaborative minds bring out the best possible outcome. Everyone counts at Desevens.
Goal-oriented – Meeting deadlines and squashing set goals are part of what make us Desevens. We value your trust and ensure we treat your affairs as priority.
Inventive – To us, inventiveness is phenomenal and creative minds can only find solutions. Our creativity helps us constantly draw from a well of fruitful ideas just for you.

We regard our clients as valuable and seek to have satisfying clients with the custom-made services we deliver. We are goal-oriented, creative, holistic in our approach, fun, accountable, ethical and ever-efficient.

The right team for your project
we love what we do